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Viva in Microsoft 365 Makes it Easy to Engage

The Viva platform is integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Teams to engage people as part of their daily work experience. Enterprise 365 plans include four modules that boost connection, insight, growth, and purpose with no added licensing costs:




Employee Engagement Drives Your Bottom Line

Organizations with top employee engagement scores have 14% more production, 66% better wellbeing, and 23% higher profitability than the competition.
Gallup. Gallup's Q12 Employee Engagement Survey Nov. 3, 2022. 

What Keeps People Engaged at Work?

Engaging people meaning moving the needle on things they care about deeply about:

Microsoft: Hybrid Work Is Just Work, Are We Doing it Right? Sept 22,2022

Connection – 83% want to socialize colleagues at work

Insight – 75% want to give and get more feedback

Growth – 76% will stay in a job with a clear learning and growth path

Purpose – 81% need help understanding their priorities

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We are Microsoft certified to plan and launch Viva for your organization. Our unique approach to Microsoft Viva consulting ensures long-term success engaging employees. We measure engagement before and after our project so you can see the power of Viva at work!

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Jumpstart Viva in Microsoft 365 – Deliverables & Services






  • Lead an educational workshop with your executive, HR, and IT stakeholders to discover how Viva can drive employee engagement


  • Administer a staff survey to set baseline employee engagement KPIs


  • Conduct a readiness assessment on recommended Viva prerequisites


  • Facilitate a design workshop with stakeholders to identify priorities, make decisions, and refine your roadmap for implementing each Viva modules



  • Perform development, configuration, and activation to technically implement each Viva module:
  • Customize live and recorded video training for both your managers and staff on how to operate and use your Viva modules
  • Manage a smooth go-live deployment of your Viva modules



  • Conduct 45-day and 90-day adoption check-ins to collect feedback, make recommendations, and build enhancements to your Viva modules


  • Perform 1 year of updates & enhancements to Viva modules based on a new features and functions released by Microsoft each quarter


  • Re-administer the staff survey to measure improvement in employee engagement KPIs

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